Can Stress Give You a Creative Edge? Plus a Weird Psychological Hack to Feel Better

This week on The Fearless Creative, I sat down with Dr. Derek Novacek and talked about the long-term impact of stress and how stress affects the creative process. You can listen to the episode here or subscribe to The Fearless Creative on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Dr. Novacek is a clinical and research psychologist. He earned his […]

My Best Tips for Collaborating With Other Creatives

I discuss the benefits and challenges of collaborating with other creatives. I share my best tips for successfully collaborating with another creative — whether you’re working with a freelancer on a project-by-project basis or engaging in an ongoing partnership with another author or creative.

How to Manage Self-Doubt as a Creative

I discuss how writers and creatives can overcome self-doubt through brute force, cultivating confidence in other areas of life, and by being prolific.

#HappierLaborDay: My Reflections on the Writing Life

This week, I aired a special minisode of the podcast in honor of #HappierLaborDay. “Happier Labor Day” was a movement created by Gretchen Rubin to encourage all of us to reflect on our work-life and how we could make it happier. Now, as a full-time writer and creative, I’m pretty dang happy with my work. […]

5 Alternate Streams of Income That Every Writer Should Know About

Being a full-time writer is awesome. I get to spend most of my time doing what I love, which is writing science fiction and creating content for other writers and creatives. I get to make my own schedule, work from wherever, and take time off if I want or need to. But as you regular […]

The Surprising Trait That Predicts Creative Success (and How to Develop It)

This post originally aired as an episode of my podcast, The Fearless Creative. Make sure you subscribe to get your weekly dose of inspiration, motivation, and my very best tips for succeeding as a creative entrepreneur! If you’d rather read instead of listen, I’ve included the abridged transcript below. Welcome, welcome, welcome to the show everybody. I […]

5 Ways to Find Your Weird Writing Quirks (and Hopefully Fix Them for Good)

Catching your own idiosyncrasies can feel like playing whack-a-mole: As soon as you stop making your character sigh every other paragraph, you learn you are addicted to ellipses. Then you set out on a mission to rid your dialogue tags of adverbs, and you start over-relying on a few of your favorite verbs. Because writing […]