How to Write Blog Posts With Impossible-to-Skim Personality

It started with the cheese. Last Saturday afternoon, my husband and I were feeling fancy. When we feel fancy, we like to fire up the Weber and treat ourselves to a nice a wine-and-cheese spread. As fancy people do, we raided the $5 cheese bin at the grocery store where they sell remnants of the […]

Dharma, Ikigai, and Discovering Your Purpose in Life

This post originally aired as an episode of my podcast, “The Fearless Creative.” If you’d rather read instead of listen, I’ve included the abridged transcript below.  If you do listen, please take a moment to subscribe and leave a review on Apple Podcasts, Google, Spotify, or your favorite podcatcher. (If you don’t know how to subscribe on Apple Podcasts, I’ve […]

Want to Make It as a Writer? Raise Your Standards for What Is Possible

There’s a reason I love entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are hungry — and the successful ones aren’t afraid to dream big. You talk to any startup founder, and usually you’ll walk away feelings strangely energized…or downright exhausted. Many of the entrepreneurs I know think, work, and talk a mile a minute. They have lots of ideas, and […]

‘The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success’ for Fearless, Purpose-Led Writing

This past week, I had the immense privilege to read “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” by Deepak Chopra. On Sunday night I finished reading and bought the audiobook. I went to sleep listening to Chopra read, and on Monday I gave my hardback copy away to a friend. I will buy another copy for […]

How to Use Life Architecture to Create the Life You Want

“Goals can be made in the spirit that life is an enjoyable game to be played, and one that can be deeply rewarding.” — Shakti Gawain Have you ever wished that you had more time for your family? Have you ever wished you could live somewhere beautiful and could spend your days outside? Do you […]

Don’t Worry — You Can Use It in Your Writing

Don’t worry be happy…And if you can’t be happy, you can at least write about it. All of us have things in life that we wish we could change. Even if you don’t have any regrets per se, most of us have had some bad life experiences: a horrible job, a horrible relationship, a harrowing […]

How to Shed Self-Limiting Beliefs: The Lesson of Crocodile Dundee

As writers and creatives, there is no shortage of material in the world telling us that we should doubt ourselves. The online world is fraught with articles telling us that it is difficult to succeed as a writer, that the publishing industry is crumbling, and that our odds of writing a breakout hit are a […]

How Writers Can Use Creative Visualization to Manifest Their Best Work

This week I’ve been reading “Creative Visualization” by Shakti Gawain. It’s a little book I picked up by chance last week when I was looking for something else. It was originally published in 1978, but it is a timeless classic in personal development. Creative visualization is, in Gawain’s words, “using your imagination to create what […]

Lift the Concrete: Writing and Living With Your Guard Down

It happens to all of us: Some days we’re floating through life just doing our thing. All is well. Things are going great. And then something happens that causes us to just . . . snap. Fair warning: If you’re looking for a cute little blog post on how to write better, this is not […]