Hello! If you’re here, it means you’ve taken that critical first step toward writing your novel. We’re currently in talks about coaching sessions, which means you already understand the importance of investing in yourself as a writer.

Investing in yourself is giving life to your dreams. It says that you are ready to take that next step in your journey.

Here are my rates for basic coaching services:

Initial Consultation – $45

We’ll meet for an informal discussion about who you are, what you write (or want to write), and where you are on your journey. I’ll ask you about your writing habits (if you’re currently writing), your story ideas, and what you think you most need help with. I don’t like to put a hard time limit on these first meetings because I want to ensure we both have time to get all of our questions answered.

The purpose of this consultation is twofold: It allows me to get to know you and understand how I can be of service, and it gives you a chance to understand my process, as well as the tools and structured guidance you can expect from our work together.

I’ve written and published 15 books, which means I have a very effective process to get you from the planning phase to publication. After our meeting, I’ll go home and create a personalized action plan to get you started. This plan is yours to implement — whether you choose to continue with regular coaching or not.

Client Sessions – $60/hour

Once I begin work with a client, I like to meet periodically throughout the novel-writing process to provide structured guidance and support. The frequency of these meetings can vary, but every other week is usually sufficient.

Each session includes:

  • A one-hour in-person meeting to discuss your writing and each step in the process of creating your novel. You can expect these meetings to be highly focused and goal-oriented. If needed, we can workshop specific characters, plot points, or other trouble spots in your novel. The purpose is to help you advance in your writing and resolve issues more quickly than you could on your own. (Remember, I’m a professional writer — there’s no problem you will face that I haven’t faced before.)
  • Regular check-ins on writing targets (usually word count or editing goals)
  • Outline review with comments (during the planning phase only)
  • Key character review with comments (during the planning phase only)
  • Writing sample review with comments (up to 3,000 words per session)

Additional Manuscript Review

Every writer is different. Some writers crave detailed feedback on everything they write; others will get through an entire first draft, second draft, and even a third draft before they want a second set of eyes. I charge by the word count for manuscript reviews, but my pricing depends on the needs and abilities of each individual writer. If you would like additional feedback beyond the scope of our normal client sessions, I’ll happily provide a quote based on your writing samples.

Disclaimer: Pricing is for local clients only and is subject to change.

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