Can Stress Give You a Creative Edge? Plus a Weird Psychological Hack to Feel Better

This week on The Fearless Creative, I sat down with Dr. Derek Novacek and talked about the long-term impact of stress and how stress affects the creative process. You can listen to the episode here or subscribe to The Fearless Creative on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Dr. Novacek is a clinical and research psychologist. He earned his […]

The Reason You’re Procrastinating and How to Fix It (Part II)

Of all the problems writers face, procrastination is the most insidious. Sometimes we don’t even know we have a problem with procrastination. We will finish our novel/write that poem/complete that dissertation…We’ll just do it later. Well, as your dad used to say, “There are seven days in a week, and ‘someday’ isn’t one of them.” […]

The Reason You’re Procrastinating (And How to Fix It)

We’ve all been there: You start the day with fire in your belly and the very best of intentions. Today’s the day! You’re going to write! You are ready to pen the next Great American Novel! And then…You don’t write. The entire day passes in a blur, and instead of writing, you fill your day […]

Creative Diversions: A Healthy Way to Recharge or a Sneaky Path to Self-Sabotage?

If you’re looking to build a career as a full-time writer, you need to hone a laser-like focus. When I was building my business, I would wake up an hour early to write before work and then spend another eight or nine hours in front of my laptop. I wrote on the weekends. Sometimes I […]

Why You Must Write Your Novel

Or, a Treatise on Life, Death, and Dreams One fact that no one can dispute is that we all eventually die. We are already, in effect, dying — some of us faster than others. As our DNA replicates, mistakes or mutations occur. Our bodies are designed to fix those mistakes, but eventually more and more slip […]

6 Common Problems Masquerading as Writer’s Block and How to Solve Them

Writer’s block is one of the most popular themes in the canon of writing. There are endless articles, books, and online courses promising to solve the problem, and most of them are, quite frankly, dumb. Saying you have writer’s block is the creative equivalent of saying you’re not feeling well when you actually have an […]